Customised transport solutions

Transport crates for valuable exhibits and products


Valuable trade fair exhibits or special machine equipment are expensive and have to be transported to specific venues, often by specialised carriers over very long distances. Packing these objects using conventional materials like europallets, boxes and bubble-wrap is time-consuming and costly, and the materials can no longer be used once the transport process is complete. In addition, the protection afforded by this kind of packaging is frequently inadequate. We’re sure you’re familiar with the problem.


So what could be better than to purchase tailor-made reusable transport crates for your valuable consignments?


The advantages are obvious:


One-time purchase outlay

Short packing time

High-level protection of contents

No transport damage

Well arranged (each part has its place)


We’ve put some thought into this problem and we’ve developed a transport crate system tailored to your transport and packaging needs.

We advise you individually and personally.

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