Locker units

In modern and comfortably furnished offices and reception areas, locker cabinets are the perfect solution for the secure storage of bags, valuables and the like. 


Made of hand-painted wood-based panels, our locker units can easily be integrated decoratively into the existing room design and can even be used as room dividers. The high-quality units are individually adaptable in size, layout and colour to the customer's wishes.

The design with letter slots for in-house mail is just as possible as the assembly of magnetic metal sheets painted in cabinet colour for attaching name tags.

Programmable combination locks offer maximum security for valuables and personal belongings. 

We would be happy to develop the optimum solution for your rooms.



We are constantly developing our products further  - on request it is now possible to program the locks on employee cards or membership cards. This makes it a thing of the past to remember annoying combinations of numbers. 

In order to achieve a discreet appearance of the locks, we are also happy to install invisible locking systems for you.


Locker units

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